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₹ 59,999

Quality E-content Development & delivery has become the state-of-art of Quality education. A recording studio is important to prepare Quality videos & lectures.

We provide complete studio setup including all electrical, electronic and software needs.

The Glowing Lightboard is a glass board filled light. it can be used for recording video lectures with your face towards your viewers. You can position a physical model, structure behind the glass to be used for explanation, you can write key points and incorporate live graphics overlays and presentations. it makes the content easier both for the presenter and viewer to follow, makes it more intresting and appealing.

1 High quality premium glass board
2 Dimmable glass illumination lights.
3 In-line video flipper
4 Unassisted camera handling
5 Bluetooth mic set
6 Studio setup in in closed room provided
7 Estimated time to setup studio: 2 hours.
8 1 year warranty on the light board on studio electronics
9 No warrantly on glass
10 Delivery in 2 weeks from booking